Shortcut Keys for Drawings

The following is a list of shortcut keys specific to Drawing documents.

You can also use the general shortcut keys for LibreOffice.

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Some of the shortcut keys may be assigned to your desktop system. Keys that are assigned to the desktop system are not available to LibreOffice. Try to assign different keys either for LibreOffice, in Tools - Customise - Keyboard, or in your desktop system.

Function Keys for Drawings

Shortcut Keys



Add or edit text.


Opens group to edit individual objects.


Close group editor.


Opens the Duplicate dialogue box.


Opens the Position and Size dialogue box.


Opens the Navigator.


Checks spelling.


Opens the Thesaurus.


Edit points on/off.


Fits to frame.

Opens Styles window.

Shortcut Keys for Drawings

Shortcut Keys


Plus (+) Key

Zooms in.

Minus (-) Key

Zooms out.

Multiply (*) Key (number pad)

Zooms to fit entire page in screen.

Divide (/) Key (number pad)

Zooms in on the current selection.


Groups selected objects.


Ungroups selected group.


Combines selected objects.


Uncombines selected objects.

+Shift+ +

Bring to front.

+ +

Bring forwards.

+ -

Send backwards.

+Shift+ -

Send to back.

Shortcut Keys Specific to Drawings

Shortcut Keys


Page Up

Switch to previous page

Page Down

Switch to next page

+Page Up

Switch to previous layer

+Page Down

Switch to next layer

Arrow Key

Moves the selected object in the direction of the arrow key.

+Arrow Key

Moves the page view in the direction of the arrow key.

-click while dragging an object. Note: this shortcut key works only when the Copy when moving option in - LibreOffice Draw - General is enabled (it is enabled by default).

Creates a copy of the dragged object when mouse button is released.

+Enter with keyboard focus (F6) on a drawing object icon on Tools bar

Inserts a drawing object of default size into the centre of the current view.


Opens the context menu for the selected object.


Enters text mode.


Enters text mode if a text object is selected.


Enters text mode if a text object is selected. If there are no text objects or if you have cycled through all of the text objects on the page, a new page is inserted.

Press the key and drag with the mouse to draw or resize an object from the centre of the object outward.

+ click on an object

Selects the object behind the currently selected object.

+Shift+click an object

Selects the object in front of the currently selected object.

Shift key while selecting an object

Adds or removes object to or from the selection.

Shift+ drag while moving an object

The movement of the selected object is constrained by multiples of 45 degrees.

Shift+drag while creating or resizing an object

Constrains the size to keep the object's aspect ratio.


Cycles through the objects on the page in the order in which they were created.


Cycles through the objects on the page in the reverse-order to which they were created.


Exits current mode.

Navigating with the Keyboard in Slide Sorter

Shortcut Keys



Set the focus to the first/last slide.

Left/Right arrow keys or Page Up/Down

Set the focus to the next/previous slide.


Change to Normal Mode with the active slide.