While...Wend Statement

When a program encounters a While statement, it tests the condition. If the condition is False, the program continues directly following the Wend statement. If the condition is True, the loop is executed until the program finds Wend and then jumps back to the While statement. If the condition is still True, the loop is executed again.

Unlike the Do...Loop statement, you cannot cancel a While...Wend loop with Exit. Never exit a While...Wend loop with GoTo, since this can cause a run-time error.

A Do...Loop is more flexible than a While...Wend.


While Condition [Statement] Wend


Sub ExampleWhileWend

Dim stext As String

Dim iRun As Integer

    sText ="This is a short text"

    iRun = 1

    While iRun < Len(sText)

        If Mid(sText,iRun,1 )<> " " Then Mid( sText ,iRun, 1, Chr( 1 + Asc( Mid(sText,iRun,1 )) )

        iRun = iRun + 1


    MsgBox sText,0,"Text encoded"

End Sub