Indenting Paragraphs


To change the measurement units, choose - LibreOffice Writer - General, and then select a new measurement unit in the Settings area.

You can change the indents for the current paragraph, or for all selected paragraphs, or for a Paragraph Style.


You can also set indents using the ruler. To display the ruler, choose View - Ruler.

Indents are calculated with respect to the left and right page margins. If you want the paragraph to extend into the page margin, enter a negative number.

The indents are different regarding the writing direction. For example, look at the Before text indent value in left-to-right languages. The left edge of the paragraph is indented with respect to the left page margin. In right-to-left languages, the right edge of the paragraph is indented with respect to the right page margin.

For a hanging indent, enter a positive value for Before text and a negative value for First line.

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