NPer Function [VBA]

Calculates the number of periods for a loan or investment.

Ikona upozornění

Tato funkce nebo konstanta je povolena deklarací Option VBASupport 1 umístěnou před kódem programu.


NPer (Rate as Double, Pmt as Double, PV as Double, [FV as Variant], [Due as Variant])

Návratová hodnota:



Rate is the periodic interest rate.

Pmt is the annuity paid regularly per period.

PV is the (present) cash value of an investment.

FV (optional) is the future value of the loan / investment.

Due (optional) defines whether the payment is due at the beginning or the end of a period.

0 - the payment is due at the end of the period;

1 - the payment is due at the beginning of the period.

Chybové kódy:

5 Neplatné volání procedury


REM ***** BASIC *****

Option VBASupport 1

Sub ExampleNPer

 Dim period As Double

 period = NPer( 0.06, 153.75, 2600)

 Print period ' returns -12,02. The payment period covers 12.02 periods.

End Sub