MIRR Function [VBA]

Calculates the modified internal rate of return of a series of investments.

Ikona upozornění

Tato funkce nebo konstanta je povolena deklarací Option VBASupport 1 umístěnou před kódem programu.


MIRR(Values() as Double, Investment as Double, ReinvestRate as Double)

Návratová hodnota:



Values(): An array of cash flows, representing a series of payments and income, where negative values are treated as payments and positive values are treated as income. This array must contain at least one negative and at least one positive value.

Investment: is the rate of interest of the investments (the negative values of the array).

ReinvestRate: the rate of interest of the reinvestment (the positive values of the array).

Chybové kódy:

5 Neplatné volání procedury


REM ***** BASIC *****

Option VBASupport 1

Sub ExampleMIRR

 Dim cashFlow(0 to 3) As Double

 cashFlow(0) = -5

 cashFlow(1) = 10

 cashFlow(2) = 15

 cashFlow(3) = 8

 mirrValue = MIRR(cashFlow,0.5,0.1) * 100

 Print mirrValue ' returns 94.16. The modified internal rate of return of the cash flow.

End Sub