Grid and Help Lines

Toggle the visibility of grid points and guide lines to help object moving and precise position in the current sheet.

Visualitza la graella

Mostra o amaga les lĂ­nies de graella que podeu utilitzar per alinear objectes (per exemple, grĂ fics) en una pĂ gina.

Ajusta a la graella

Alinea automĂ ticament els objectes a les lĂ­nies de graella verticals i horitzontals. Per ometre esta funciĂł, manteniu premuda la tecla mentre arrossegueu un objecte.

LĂ­nies d'ajuda en moure

Specifies whether to display guides when moving an object.

LibreOffice creates dotted guides that extend beyond the box containing the selected object and which cover the entire work area, helping you position the object.


LĂ­nies d'ajuda en moure