Shows commands to insert, edit, and delete a table and its elements inside a text document.

Insert Table

Inserts a new table.



Inserts columns.


Inserts rows.



Deletes the current table.


Deletes the selected columns.


Deletes the selected rows.



Izaberite karakteristike izvještaja.


Selects the current column.


Selects the current row.


Selects the current cell.

Boja linije

Combines the contents of the selected table cells into a single cell.

Boja linije

Splits the cell or group of cells horizontally or vertically into the number of cells that you enter.


Combines two consecutive tables into a single table. The tables must be directly next to each other and not separated by an empty paragraph.


Splits the current table into two separate tables at the cursor position. You can also access this command by right-clicking in a table cell.


Automatically applies formats to the current table, including fonts, shading, and borders.


Širina kolone

Opens the Column Width dialog where you can change the width of a column.

Optimal Column Width

Automatically adjusts column widths to match the contents of the cells. Changing the width of a column does not affect the width of the other columns in the table. The width of the table cannot exceed the page width.

Distribute Columns Evenly

Adjusts the width of the selected columns to match the width of the widest column in the selection. The total width of the table cannot exceed the width of the page.

Visina reda

Opens the Row Height dialog where you can change the height of a row.

Optimal Row Height

Automatically adjusts row heights to match the contents of the cells. This is the default setting for new tables.

Distribute Rows Evenly

Adjusts the height of the selected rows to match the height of the tallest row in the selection.

Break Across Pages

Allows a page break within the current row.

Repeat Heading Rows

Repeats the table headers on subsequent pages if the table spans one or more pages.


Text to Table

Opens a dialog where you can convert the selected text to a table.

Table to Text

Opens a dialog where you can convert the current table to text.


Sorts the selected paragraphs or table rows alphabetically or numerically. You can define up to three sort keys as well as combine alphanumeric and numeric sort keys.


Opens the Formula bar to enter or edit a formula.

Format brojeva

Opens a dialog where you can specify the format of numbers in the table.


Specifies the properties of the selected table, for example, name, alignment, spacing, column width, borders, and background.