Contains commands for formatting the layout and the contents of your document.

Uslovno formatiranje

Removes direct formatting and formatting by character styles from the selection.


Changes the font and the font formatting for the selected characters.

Mapa za slike

Modifies the format of the current paragraph, such as indents and alignment.

Bullets and Numbering

Adds numbering or bullets to the current paragraph, and lets you edit format of the numbering or bullets.


Specify the formatting styles and the layout for the current page style, including page margins, headers and footers, and the page background.


Changes the case of characters in the selection. If the cursor is within a word and no text is selected, then the word is the selection.

Asian Phonetic Guide

Allows you to add comments next to Asian characters to serve as a pronunciation guide.

These commands can only be accessed after you enable support for Asian languages in - Language Settings - Languages.


Specifies the number of columns and the column layout for a page style, frame, or section.


Promjene svojstava sekcija definirane u dokumentu. Za umetanje sekcije, odaberite tekst ili kliknite u dokumentu, a zatim izaberite Insert - Sekcija.


Automatically formats the file according to the options that you set under Tools - AutoCorrect - AutoCorrect Options.


Sets the anchoring options for the selected object.


Specify the way you want text to wrap around an object. You can also specify the spacing between the text and the object.


Aligns selected objects with respect to one another.


Set the alignment options for the current selection.


Changes the stacking order of the selected object(s).


Okreće označeni objekat horizontalno ili vertikalno..


Grupe čuvaju zajedno označene objekte tako da oni mogu biti uređivani i pomjereni kao jedan objekat.


Opens a submenu to edit the properties of the selected object.


Inserts a frame that you can use to create a layout of one or more columns of text and objects.


Formats the size, position, and other properties of the selected image.