Using the Filter Navigator

To connect several filter conditions with Boolean OR, click the Filter navigation icon on the filter bar. The Filter navigator window appears.

The filter conditions that have been set appear in the Filter navigator. As soon as a filter is set, you see a blank filter entry at the bottom of the Filter navigator . You can select this entry by clicking the word "Or". Once you have selected the blank filter entry, you can enter additional filter conditions in the form. These conditions are linked by Boolean OR to the previously defined conditions.

vkontekst meni može biti pozvan za svaki unos uFilter navigator. Možete urediti filter uvjetima u ovom području izravno kao tekst. Ako želite provjeriti da li je polje sadržaj ili nema sadržaja, možete odabrati filter uvjetima "prazne" (SQL: "Is Null") ili "nije prazna" (SQL: "Is not Null"). Također je moguće izbrisati ulaz pomoću kontekst meni.

You can move filter conditions in the Filter navigator by dragging and dropping, or use the keys +Alt+Up Arrow or +Alt+Down Arrow. To copy filter conditions, drag them while holding down the key.

While designing your form, you can set the "Filter proposal" property for each text box in the Data tab of the corresponding Properties dialog. In subsequent searches in the filter mode, you can select from all information contained in these fields. The field content can then be selected using the AutoComplete function. Note, however, that this function requires a greater amount of memory space and time, especially when used in large databases and should therefore be used sparingly.

Searching Tables and Form Documents