Getting Support

Možete dobiti podršku na web stranici na

Za rezime trenutnih usluga pomoći pogledajte Readme dokument u LibreOffice folderu.

Stranice pomoći za lokalne jezike

The LibreOffice localization projects offer support pages in local languages. Find an overview of the native language projects at You can find help and support in English language on the LibreOffice website at

Lista za slanje e-mailova

Pitajte o, nađite pomoć volontera, i diskutujte o temama na javnim listama za slanje e-mailova. Možete naći generalne i specijalizirane liste za slanje e-mailova na web stranici na


You can access web forums to ask and answer questions about LibreOffice. Choose menu Help – Get Help Online... to access the forum in your language.


Ukoliko Vas interesuju bilo kakva pitanja o sigurnosti vezano za upotrebu ovog softvera, kontaktirajte programere javne liste za slanje e-mailova na Ako želite diskutovati o bilo kojem drugom problemu sa drugim korisnicima, pošaljite e-mail na javnu listu za slanje e-mailova:


Preuzmite zadnju verziju na


You can download documentation as PDF files, how-tos, and guides from the LibreOffice documentation website at You can also access the documentation website choosing the menu Help – User Guides…

Participate and give back

If you want to take an active role in the worldwide LibreOffice community, you are very welcome to give feedback, discuss features, propose enhancements, write your own article in an FAQ, how-to, manual, create a video tutorial, etc.

Visit the Get involved page on the website and follow the links for contributors.