Nadimak (alias)

The Form Controls toolbar contains tools that you need to create an interactive form. You can use the toolbar to add controls to a form in a text, spreadsheet, presentation, or HTML document, for example a button that runs a macro.

To access this command...

Izaberi View - Toolbars - Form Controls.

Icon on the Insert toolbar (you may need to enable this initially invisible icon):


Form Controls

Note Icon

XML Form documents (XForms) use the same controls.

Za stvaranje formulara, otvorite dokument i koristite alatnu traku za dodavanje Formular kontrole i definirajte oblik kontrole. Ako želite, možete povezati formular sa bazom podataka, tako da možete koristiti kontrole za manipulaciju bazom podataka.

When you create a form in an HTML document, you can use the form to send data over the Internet.

Note Icon

LibreOffice only exports the form properties that are supported by the HTML version that you export to. To specify the HTML version, choose - Load/Save - HTML Compatibility.

Za dodavanje kontrola u dokumentu

  1. Na alatnoj traci Form Controls, kliknite ikonu kontrole koju želite dodati.

  2. U dokumentu, odvucite za stvaranje kontrole.

    To create a square control field, hold down the Shift key while you drag.

Tip Icon

To add a field from the field list of a table or query to a form, drag a cell into the form. In a text document, you can also drag a column header to add a field to a form. To include a label for the field, hold down the +Shift key down when you drag a column head.

mijenjanje kontrole

  1. Right-click the control and choose Control. A dialog opens where you can define the properties of the control.

  2. Da biste odredili akcelerator ključ za kontrolu, dodajte tilde (~) ispred znaka u oznaka za kontrolu.

  3. You can drag and drop controls from one document to another document. You can also copy and paste controls between documents. When you insert a control from another document, LibreOffice analyzes the data source, content type, and content properties of the control so that the control fits the logical structure in the target document. For example, a control that displays contents from an address book continues to display the same contents after you copy the control to a different document. You can view these properties on the Data tab page of the Form properties dialog.



This icon switches the mouse pointer to the select mode, or deactivates this mode. The select mode is used to select the controls of the current form.

AutoSpellingCheck On/Off

Toggles the Design mode on or off. This function is used to switch quickly between Design and User mode. Activate to edit the form controls, deactivate to use the form controls.


Nacin Dizajna ukljucen/iskljucen

Nadimak (alias)

Opens a dialog for editing the properties of a selected control.



Nadimak (alias)

In this dialog you can specify, among others, the data source and the events for the whole form.



Kutija za oznaku


Creates a check box. Check boxes allow you to activate or deactivate a function in a form.

Kutija za tekst


Creates a text box. Text boxes are fields in which the user can enter text. In a form, text boxes display data or allow for new data input.

Foramtirano polje


Creates a formatted field. A formatted field is a text box in which you can define how the inputs and outputs are formatted, and which limiting values apply.

A formatted field has special control properties (choose Format - Control).

Push Button


kreira dugme za pritiskanje. Ova funkcija se može koristiti za izvršavanje naredbi za definirani događaj, kao što su klik miša.

You can apply text and graphics to these buttons.

Dugme za opcije


Creates an option button. Option buttons enable the user to choose one of several options. Option buttons with the same functionality are given the same name (Nameproperty). Normally, they are given a group box.

Kutija za liste


Creates a list box. A list box lets users select an entry from a list. If the form is linked to a database and the database connection is active, the List Box Wizard will automatically appear after the list box is inserted in the document. This wizard helps you create the list box.

Kutija za komboe


Creates a combo box. A combo box is a single-line list box with a drop-down list from which users choose an option. You can assign the "read-only" property to the combo box so that users cannot enter other entries than those found in the list. If the form is bound to a database and the database connection is active, the Combo Box Wizard will automatically appear after you insert the combo box in the document.

Polje za ime


Creates a field for displaying text. These labels are only for displaying predefined text. Entries cannot be made in these fields.

More Controls

Opens the More Controls toolbar.

Dizajn formulara

Opens the Form Design toolbar.

Carobnjaci Ukljuceno/Iskljuceno


Turns on and turns off the automatic form controls wizards.

These wizards help you to enter the properties of list boxes, table controls, and other controls.

Context Menu Commands