Napredni filter

Defines an advanced filter.

To access this command...

Choose Data - More Filters - Advanced Filter... .

Applying Filters

Citajte kriterij filtriranja pod:

Izberite imenovani prostor,ili unesite raspon celije koja sadrzi kriterije filtriranja koje hocete da koristite.

Shrink / Maximize

Click the Shrink icon to reduce the dialog to the size of the input field. It is then easier to mark the required reference in the sheet. The icons then automatically convert to the Maximize icon. Click it to restore the dialog to its original size.

The dialog is automatically minimized when you click into a sheet with the mouse. As soon as you release the mouse button, the dialog is restored and the reference range defined with the mouse is highlighted in the document by a blue frame.






Pokazuje dodatne opcije filtriranja.