Specify the formatting and the font that you want to apply.

P'aportar a esti comandu...

Menú Formatu - Caráuter... - Ficha Fonte

Choose View - Styles - open context menu of an entry and choose Modify/New - Font tab

Menú contestual d'una testera de llinia d'una tabla de base de datos abierta - Formateáu de tabla... - Ficha Fonte

Formatu - Títulu - Ficha Caráuteres (diagrames)

Menú Formatu - Leyenda... - Ficha Caráuteres (diagrames)

Menú Formatu - Exa - Ficha Caráuteres (diagrames)

The changes are applied to the current selection, to the entire word that contains the cursor, or to the new text that you type.

Depending on your language settings, you can change the formatting for the following font types:

Iconu de nota

To enable support for complex text layout and Asian character sets, choose - Language Settings - Languages, and then select the Enabled box in the corresponding area.

Font dialog


Enter the name of an installed font that you want to use, or select a font from the list.

Si marca'l campu Amosar vista previa de les fontes en LibreOffice - Ver del cuadru de diálogu "Opciones", va poder ver los nomes de les fontes formateaes con esa mesma fonte.

Iconu de barra de Formatu:


Nome del tipu de lletra


Select the formatting that you want to apply.

Iconu de barra de Formatu:






Enter or select the font size that you want to apply. For scalable fonts, you can also enter decimal values.

If you are creating a Style that is based on another Style, you can enter a percentage value or a point value (for example, -2pt or +5pt).

Iconu de barra de Formatu:


Sets the language that the spellchecker uses for the selected text or the text that you type. Available language modules have a check mark in front of them.

If the language list consists of an editable combo box, you can enter a valid BCP 47 language tag if the language you want to assign is not available from the selectable list.

For language tag details please see the For users section on the langtag.net web site.

Iconu d'alvertencia

La revisión ortográfica del idioma escoyíu namái funciona cuando instalara'l módulu d'idioma correspondiente. Les entraes d'idioma tienen una marca delantre si la correición ortográfica ta activa pa dichu idioma.

Campu de previsualización

Amuesa una vista previa de la seleición actual.