Printing Register-true


Register-true is a typography term that is used in printing. This term refers to the congruent imprint of the lines within a type area on the front and the back side of book pages, newspaper pages and magazine pages. The register-true feature make these pages easier to read by preventing gray shadows from shining through between the lines of text. The register-true term also refers to lines in adjacent text columns that are of the same height.

When you define a paragraph, Paragraph Style, or a Page Style as register-true, the base lines of the affected characters are aligned to a vertical page grid, regardless of font size or of the presence of graphics. If you want, you can specify the setting for this grid as a Page Style property.

To Set a Document to Register-True Printing

  1. Select the whole document.

  2. Choose Format - Page - Page.

  3. In the Register-true section, select the Activate checkbox and click OK.

All the paragraphs in the document will be printed register-true, unless otherwise specified.

To Exempt Paragraphs From Register-True Printing

  1. Do one of the following:

    Select all the paragraphs you want to exempt, then choose Format - Paragraph - Indents & Spacing.

    Open the Styles window, click the Paragraph Style you want to exempt, right-click that style, choose Modify. In the dialog, click the Indents & Spacing tab.

  2. In the Register-true section, clear the Activate checkbox.