Find - The Full-Text Search

The full text search function in LibreOffice Help allows you to find Help documents that contain any combination of search terms. To do this, type one or more words into the Search term text field.

The Search term text field stores the words you entered last. To repeat a previous search, click the arrow icon and select the term from the list.

After the search has been carried out, the document headings of the results appear in a list. Either double-click an entry, or select it and click Display to load the corresponding Help document.

Use the check box Find in headings only to limit the search to document headings.

The Complete words only check box allows you to perform an exact search. If this box is marked, incomplete words will not be found. Do not mark this check box if the search term you enter should also be found as part of a longer word.

You can enter any combination of search terms, separated by spaces. Searching is not case-sensitive.

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The index and full-text searches always apply to the currently selected LibreOffice application. Select the appropriate application using the list box on the help viewer's toolbar.