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About Headers and Footers

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Headers and footers are areas in the top and the bottom page margins, where you can add text or graphics. Headers and footers are added to the current page style. Any page that uses the same style automatically receives the header or footer that you add. You can insert Fields, such as page numbers and chapter headings, in headers and footers in a text document.

Note.png The page style for the current page is displayed in the Status Bar.
  • To add a header to a page, choose Insert - Header, and then select the page style for the current page from the submenu.
  • To add a footer to a page, choose Insert - Footer, and then select the page style for the current page from the submenu.
  • You can also choose Format - Page, click the Header or Footer tab, and then select Header on or Footer on. Clear the Same content left/right check box if you want to define different headers and footers for even and odd pages.
  • To use different headers or footers in your document, you must add them to different Page Styles, and then apply the styles to the pages where you want the headers or footer to appear.

Headers and Footers in HTML Documents

Some of the header and footer options are also available for HTML documents. Headers and footers are not supported by HTML and instead are exported with special tags, so that they can be viewed in a browser. Headers and footers are only exported in HTML documents if they are enabled in Web Layout mode. When you reopen the document in LibreOffice, the headers and footers are displayed correctly, including any fields that you inserted.

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